Wednesday, 14 November 2012


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Here we have collated some ideas regarding how to help maintain a positive attitude in the work place. Do you do any of these things where you work?

1. Keep up with the tea round and know when it's your turn.

2. Ask before borrowing anything; make sure it stays borrowed and doesn't drift into possession.

3. Keep your desk tidy and don't spill over into someone else's space.

4. Ask before opening the window, tuning down the air conditioning etc.

5. Who's responsible for remembering birthdays? Often no one, so keep an eye on the calendar.

6. Acknowledge other big occasions in a colleague's life: weddings, pregnancy etc.

7. Limit personal calls and mobile talk. Turn your phone onto silent.

8. Equally, limit your time on Facebook and Twitter.

9. Share sweets and treats from time to time.

10. Don't eat stinky meals at your desk.

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