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Wednesday, 12 December 2012


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Your word for today is: yakisoba, n.

yakisoba, n.

Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌjakɪˈsəʊbə/,  U.S. /ˌjɑkiˈsoʊbə/

Forms:  19– yaki soba,   19– yaki-soba,   19– yakisoba.

Etymology: <  Japanese yakisoba (1936 or earlier) <  yaki-, combining stem of yaku to cook, grill, (here specifically) stir-fry + -soba wheat-flour noodles similar to ramen (specific use (in e.g. Shina-soba, lit. ‘China noodles’) of soba buckwheat noodles: see soba n.), perhaps after the Chinese etymon of chow mein n.
A Japanese dish consisting of fried wheat-flour noodles with vegetables and (usually) meat in a thick, slightly sweet, brown sauce.

1957 Pacific Stars & Stripes(Tokyo) 12 Jan. 8/4 All that remained was for me to sample my yaki-soba.

1973 Hartford(Connecticut)Courant 17 Oct. 21  (caption) Jessica Beccia serves Yaki Soba to her daughter Jennifer. The Japanese recipe is her favorite Oriental meal to prepare.

1999 Sunday Age(Melbourne) (Nexis) 25 Apr. 26 The menu ranges through a fairly traditional selection: sushi and sashimi, yakisoba noodles, sukiyaki, donburi and so on.

2003  W. Gibson Pattern Recognition xxxiii. 273 There's nobody there but him and his bowls of instant yakisoba.

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