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Monday, 17 December 2012


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Your word for today is: presidentship, n.

presidentship, n.

Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈprɛzᵻd(ə)ntʃɪp/,  U.S. /ˈprɛzədəntˌʃɪp/, /ˈprɛzədntˌʃɪp/, /ˈprɛzəˌdɛntˌʃɪp/

Forms: see president n. and -ship suffix.
Etymology: <  president n. + -ship suffix.

  The office or function of a president, presidency; the fact of being a president; (also) the period during which a president holds office.

c1525  L. Stubbs to Wolsey in  H. Ellis Orig. Lett. Eng. Hist. (1846) 3rd Ser. II. 66, I do thank your Grace for my restitucion of the possession of my Presedentship of Magdalen College at Oxford.

a1553  King Edward VI Chron. anno 1550 (1966) 35 to the presidentship.

1619  in  R. F. Williams Birch's Court & Times James I (1849) (modernized text) II. 161 They confirmed Sir Thomas Smith in his presidentship of the Bermudas, or Summer Islands.

1687 London Gaz. No. 2299/2, They ordered him forthwith to depart the College,..declaring the Presidentship to be Void.

1702  C. Mather Magnalia Christi iii. ii. xxiii. 140/1 In..the Seventeen Year of his Presidentship, over Harvard-College.

1711 London Gaz. No. 4938/1, The Presidentship of the Council of the Finances.

1779 Hist. Eur. in Ann. Reg. 131/1 The appointment of his the government and presidentship of Madras.

1842  G. Barmby in Promethean Jan. 14/1 This group is quietly progressing under the..presidentship of Henry Fry, the editor of the ‘Educational Circular and Communist Apostle.’

1884  Lady Verney in Contemp. Rev. Oct. 552 A leading politician, who is looking forward to the Presidentship.

1938  J. Nehru Let. 9 Jan. in Freedom's Daughter (1989) iii. 355 Subhai Bose..will be declared elected to the Congress Presidentship in another week or ten days.

1986 Illustr. Weekly of India 13 July 21/4 He has been vacate the Akali Dal presidentship in favour of Badal.

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