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Your word for today is: surfari, n.

surfari, n.

Pronunciation: Brit. /səːˈfɑːri/,  U.S. /sərˈfɑri/

Etymology:Blend of surf n. and safari n. Compare slightly earlier surf safari n. at surf n. Compounds 2a.

  A journey made by surfers in search of good conditions for surfing or to visit several beaches suitable for surfing; (also) a group of surfers undertaking such a journey. Freq. in on surfari (cf. on safari at safari n. 2a).

1963 Pix 28 Sept. 63 Driving in a surfari to the beach is just one point better than travelling ‘Robinson Crusoe’ (alone).

1965  J. Pollard Surfrider ii. 21 Soon it will be too crowded, other ‘surfaris’, groups of surfers looking for a surf, are already on the beach.

1991 N.Y. Times Mag. 28 July 8/2 Real surfers..go on ‘surfaris’ to places where there are no ‘900’ surf checks.

2007 Daily Tel. (Nexis) 25 Aug. (Travel section) 9 Chris takes us on what he calls a ‘surfari’ around some of the area's other beaches.

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