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Monday, 28 January 2013


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If your chopstick technique is unreliable and you find yourself asking for a fork when in a restaurant it would be a good idea to practise at home.

Hold the chopsticks parallel in one hand. Your thumb and forefinger hold and manipulate the top stick. Your middle finger rests between the sticks, keeping the bottom stick held still. The top stick is manoeuvred by the thumb and forefinger to grip food and bring it to your mouth.

Place your chopsticks by the right-hand side of your plate when you are not using them; you may be provided with special rests. Never use chopsticks to pass food to people, and never use them to point at other people.

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  1. Knives and forks are used for Western food only. Spoons however, may be used with certain Japanese dishes such as donburi or Japanese style curry rice. A Chinese style ceramic spoon is sometimes used to eat soups but it is still a big advantage for you if you also know how to use a chopstick correctly and practice is the best thing that you should to master of using a chopstick.


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