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Your word for today is: benji, n.


[‘A one-hundred-dollar bill. Cf. Benjamin n.4’]

Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈbɛn(d)ʒi/,  U.S. /ˈbɛndʒi/
Inflections:  Plural  benjies,  benjis.
Forms: also with capital initial.
Etymology: <  Benji, pet-form of the male forename Benjamin (see Benjamin n.3), with allusion to the name of Benjamin Franklin (seeBenjamin n.4). Compare later Benjamin n.4 and also dead president n. at dead adj.n.1, and adv. Additions.
 U.S. slang.
  A one-hundred-dollar bill. Cf. Benjamin n.4
1985 Kid's World Almanac 148 $100—benji, C-note.
1993  S. Kuriscak Casino Talk 6 Benji, a $100 bill.
1997  ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ in It's All about Benjamins (song, perf. ‘Puff Daddy’)in Hip-hop & Rap (2003) 229 To Hell I send thee, all about the Benjis.
1998 Village Voice (N.Y.) 8 Sept. 77 Watch kids who can barely afford food put down a benji for a pair of Nikes.
2004 Sports Illustr. (Electronic ed.) 2 Feb. 74 Kirk was at a point in his personal development when an educational visit to the Greek sponge-fishing town of Tarpon Springs held greater allure than peeling off Benjies at a lap-dance club.

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