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Your word for today is: pisteology, n.

pisteology, n.

[‘A theory or science of faith.’]

Pronunciation: Brit. /pɪstɪˈɒlədʒi/,  U.S. /ˌpɪstiˈɑlədʒi/

Forms:  19– pisteology,   19– pistiology rare.

Etymology: <  German Pisteologie (1825 or earlier) <  ancient Greek πίστις faith ( < the Indo-European base of classical Latin fidēs faith (see faith n.) + the Indo-European base of ancient Greek -τις: see -sis suffix) + -logie -logy comb. form.

The -eo- in German Pisteology may have arisen by analogy with Phraseologie phraseology n., or it may reflect ancient Greek πίστεως, genitive of πίστις.


  A theory or science of faith.

1880  A. Cave  & J. S. Banks tr. I. A. Dorner Syst. Christ. Doctr. I. Introd. 32 A doctrine of Faith as the personal life of the spirit, or as the state of life (Pisteology [German Pisteologie]).

1900 Church Q. Rev. Oct. 66 We have pisteology, to deal with the foundations, nature, validity, and limits of religious faith.

1963  G. Foley tr. K. Barth Evangelical Theol. ix. 99 The desire to understand and pursue theology as pisteology, the science and doctrine of Christian faith.

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