Thursday, 14 February 2013


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Your word for today is: pash, v.2

[‘intr. and trans. To kiss passionately; to engage in amorous play (with).’]

Pronunciation: Brit. /paʃ/,  U.S. /pæʃ/
Etymology: <  pash n.4
 Austral. and N.Z. colloq.
  intr. and trans. To kiss passionately; to engage in amorous play (with).
1990  A. Duff Once were Warriors ix. 118 She had her arms up and he walked over to her and they started pashing. Wow. As old as that and pashing.
1997 Courier Mail (Brisbane) (Nexis) 24 Apr., I..had a bit of a dance, had a few wines, pashed a few spongy boys.
2002 Age (Melbourne) (Nexis) 6 June (Culture section) 1 The scene where Mary Jane pashes her masked fantasy man as he hangs upside down is the best screen kiss in many a year.
2003 Sydney Morning Herald (Nexis) 15 Mar., Young viewers pashed on the couch, looking up occasionally when something interesting happened on screen.

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