Monday, 25 March 2013


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1) Watch the music video

2) Close your eyes and listen to the lyrics

3) Read the song lyrics

4) Read the song lyrics whilst listening to the music video at the same time

The Shirelles - I Met Him On A Sunday

I Met Him On A Sunday by The Shirelles
(Doo ronde ronde ronde pa pa
Doo ronde ronde ronde pa pa
Doo ronde ronde ronde pa pa
Doo oo oo oo ooo)

Well I met him on a Sunday (oooooo)
& I missed him on Monday (oooooo)
Well I found him on a Tuesday (oooooo)
& I dated him a Wednesday (oooooo)
Well I kissed him on a Thursday (oooooo)
& he didn't come Friday (oooooo)
When he showed up Saturday (oooooo)
I said "Bye bye baby"

("Doo ronde ronde," etc.)

(repeat Thursday through Saturday lines)

("Doo ronde ronde," etc.)

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