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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Primary School Tefl: YLE Starters Games

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As many TEFL Primary school teachers are aware of, the month of May can become a rather stressful one. Those who are preparing their students for the Cambridge exams often don't find the time to mix in vocabulary practice into their regular syllabus.

The most basic exam that a child can do is called the 'Starters' exam and is aimed at small children, usually between the ages of 7-10. At this young age, it can often be difficult to maintain their interest let alone find productive and helpful ways to aid the students in studying for these exams.

With such a small age group, it's imperative that all study activities are of the game nature, as experience has taught me that mountains of paperwork only serve as a deterrent for the students. If you are a a TEFL primary school teacher, the following games can be used as a classroom activity with the use of an Interactive Whiteboard, a homework activity that can be posted on your schools website and simply a Computers class activity. This week, our featured games are all about the body.

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  1. Kids, will gonna owe me this. My twins loves playing online games. Anyway, It is also a great tool for learning if properly used. The technology is vastly rising and the kids is also embracing what they saw and hear. So instead of depriving the kids from gadgets, let them have it but make it sure that it is properly used. That should be a techie educational tool.


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