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Word for the day: beach

beach |biːtʃ|                                                                     *playa (en Español)
DEFINITIONnouna pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high- and low-water marks: fabulous sandy beaches.

verb [ with obj. ]run or haul up (a boat or ship) on to a beach: at the water's edge a rowing boat was beached.• (of an angler) land (a fish) on a beach.• (also be beachedno obj. ] (of a whale or similar animal) become stranded out of the water: we don't know what causes whales to beach.• leave (someone) at a loss: competitive procurement seems to have beached several firms.

ORIGIN mid 16th cent. (denoting shingle on the seashore): perhaps related to Old English bæce, bece brook(an element that survives in place names such as Wis bech and Sand bach), assuming an intermediate sensepebbly river valley.

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