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Word for the day: steep

steep  |stiːp|                                                                    *empinado (en Español)


(of a slope, flight of stairs, or angle) rising or falling sharply; almost perpendicular: she pushed the bike up the steep hill.• (of a rise or fall in an amount) very large or rapid: the steep rise in unemployment.informal (of a price or demand) not reasonable; excessive: a steep membership fee.• dated (of a claim or account) exaggerated or incredible: this is a rather steep statement.

nounchiefly Skiing or literarysteep mountain slope: hair-raising steeps.
DERIVATIVESsteepish adjective,steeply adverb,steepness noun
ORIGIN Old English stēap extending to a great height, of West Germanic origin; related to steeple and stoop.

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