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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Tuesday Business Corner: Christmas quiz 2013

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Happy Christmas!

Here are a few puzzles to help you get through your last week before the Christmas break. There are some quicker ones to start with. The later ones might take a while longer…

I’ll send the answers on Thursday; though let me know if you want them sooner.

Good luck!

1.What is the opposite of “not in”?

2.If you’re running in a race and overtake the person in second place, what position are you now in?
3.A defendant testified, "The lawyer is my brother". But the lawyer then took the stand immediately afterwards and denied - under oath - having a brother. Both were telling the truth. How is this possible?
4.How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark?
5.What do cows drink?
6.A zebra was going to a river. On the way, he met five giraffes coming the other way. Each giraffe had five monkeys on their neck. How many animals were going to the river?
7.Which is the odd one out? STRAYING, RAPTOR, HARKS, LEE, LOSE (clue: the answer isn't that HARKS only has one vowel)
8.A farmer had seventeen sheep. All but nine died. How many live sheep does she have left?
9.What do all these words have in common: defend, first, canopy, hijack, sighing?
10.Nineteen people enter a singles tennis knock-out tournament. If a player doesn’t have an opponent to play in a round, she gets a bye to the next. How many games will there be in the tournament? (clue: the easiest way to solve this takes only a few seconds)

And let’s finish with a real head-scratcher…

Three men are going for the same job. The employer couldn’t choose between them, so said to them:

“I have three blue hats and two orange hats. I will put a hat on each of your heads, so that you can see the other two people’s hats, but not your own, nor the other two hats I didn’t use. The first person who tells me what colour their hat is will get the job”

Person 1 looks at the other two, and says “I don’t know what colour my hat is”

Person 2 then says “I don’t know either”

But Person 3, who is blind so couldn’t see the other two hats, said: “In that case, I do know what colour my hat is”

So, what colour was it? And how did he know?

Want to see the answers...? Click here!

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  1. Where are the answers to the Christmas quiz?


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